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Remote Service

Smart Remote Service

You got a problem – we have a smart solution. In the event of a machine breakdown, things have to move fast! We don’t want you to lose too much time. That’s why we send a service technician to you immediately. But to prevent our specialists from getting a complete picture of the situation until they’re on site, and to prevent needed spare parts from being ordered until after the machine has been inspected on site, we’ve made our service calls smarter.

  • Standard Remote Service

    Expert assistance when you need it. The experienced technician can gain a precise impression via your smartphone/tablet computer and give you targeted help. This makes diagnosis secure, fast and precise – wherever you are.

    • Flexible – smartphones, tablets and notebooks can be used
    • Simple – you follow the instructions of the technician
    • Precisely targeted – through structured processes
    • No installation necessary – browser based
    • Secure connection – AES-256 encryption
    • Fast and travel free

  • Advanced Remote Service

    Receive on-site support from specialists who are familiar with the control system down to the finest detail and are able to master even complex challenges – so that your machine is back up-and-running as soon as possible.

    • Convenient – a technician on site, backed up by specialists
    • Even more accurate thanks to data glasses – freeing up both hands
    • Highest level of expertise – available on demand

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