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  • Workshop

    Repairs of defective parts are carried out at our central workshop in Ratingen. We cater not only for the latest models of our control systems, drives and motors, but also repair older CNC models. Repaired parts are tested under conditions that simulate typical production conditions.

    Every Mitsubishi Electric CNC assembly is equipped with a unique bar code so that it can be easily identified. For each assembly, we have set up a history log of all maintenance, inspection and repair tasks carried out by us. Our central workshop offers you a comprehensive overhaul and repair service for current as well as older assemblies from Mitsubishi Electric CNC, ensuring a long service life for your CNC control and drive systems.

  • Spindle Motor Repair

    Rebuild your Mitsubishi Electric spindle motors to like new condition.

    There is so much more to rebuilding a spindle motor than changing bearings and adjusting encoders. Whether it’s replacing a broken shaft, or rewinding a shorted stator, we do it all in-house to ensure the highest quality and fastest delivery.

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